Rancher Labs has been acquired by SUSE

If you are surprised after reading that headline, you are not alone. This is big industry news, and I personally think there will be a couple of mixed feelings about this one. Similar to the IBM/Red Hat acquisition, people all over are wondering what they can expect from this change. Let’s unpack the story together to get some more context. Rancher Labs is a container-focused software company that started out providing Cattle, their own container orchestration engine. Like many other container companies, once Kubernetes won the container orchestration race, Rancher Labs switched over to the technology and are [...]

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Feedback: The #OpenDigital Meetup 25 March 2020

Just because we can’t go out, doesn’t mean we can’t be a community The first #OpenDigital Meetup took place on Wednesday, 25 March - and due to the current COVID-19 situation in South Africa, the call was made to take the event to a digital platform instead of cancelling or postponing it. Knowing about the current lockdown situation, we went ahead anyway and used this as an opportunity to learn and adapt how to engage with the community. ‘Pleasantly surprised’ is a complete understatement. Elastic APM - Tim Brophy (Elastic) Tim is the new man on [...]