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Solution focus – Containerization

First off, here's our expert LSD loves containers, which is why it forms the basis of many of our open source solutions. We do feel that we could explain it a little better to educate and inspire some critical thinking about your infrastructure. For that reason, we’ve put together this piece with the help of our resident container expert - Andrew ‘Mac’ McIver. Mac got into the Linux world when he was working for a retail chain that had to choose between renewing the licenses of their point-of-sale operating system or going open source with Linux. [...]

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Solution focus – Infrastructure Automation

Automation is big part of LSD's solution toolbox, so we decided to have a closer look at it and hopefully explain the concept in a little more detail. There are a ton of questions that typically come up from customers and people interested in the solution, which can be answered in enough detail to write an informative post filled with the right answers. To do that, we roped in one of our automation experts, Andrew Hill (aka "Krow" in-house) to answer some common questions and give some insight on infrastructure automation projects. A little bit about [...]

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