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We use open source technology to solve business problems…

[Before we get to our awesome list of offerings, here’s a quick intro to LSD.]

LSD was founded by Stefan Lesicnik, in his Gran’s garage in 2001. In the early days he focused on supporting basic Linux servers that magically appeared under customers’ desks, in their data centers, and on their shelves. Back then, Linux was spoken about in hushed tones, and only the geekiest of geeks had begun to unlock its potential.

By 2006 things were getting more interesting in the world of Open Source software, (OSS), with companies in the Telco space beginning to adopt Linux as a cheaper, and often simpler alternative to Unix. Over the coming years, LSD worked with the major Telco providers as well as some early adopters in the banking industry, to unlock the power and value of Linux and OSS.

Linux Open Source Software

Next stop  2007/2008 – The South African Government gazette’s OSS in all major Public Sector IT infrastructure policies, and a ton of new conversations begin. Not only in the public sector, but in private sectors as well. LSD is growing quickly, OSS is evolving rapidly and the Red Hat office in Sub-Saharan Africa is almost 2 years old. Things are getting serious in the land of Open Source software!

The next few years for LSD are exhilarating…

We achieve our Premier Partner status with Red Hat and LSD expanded nationally, opening our offices in Cape Town to service our growing coastal customer base. Open Source software technologies were evolving so rapidly that Linux was promoted to a first-class citizen in major enterprises all over the planet. We saw things like the birth of OpenStack, new startups offering cheaper alternatives to mainstream applications, and, cloud-native application development enabling a whole new world of scale. All of these innovations were based on Open Source software.

Planet Open Source Software
Open Source Software

Fast forward to today, and LSD is the largest pure-play Open Source software provider in the African marketplace.
And, after 15 years on “planet open source”, we’ve built a team of passionate, dedicated and relentless technologists who together,
have built a universe of solutions around software innovation technologies, that we’d love to share with you.

Open Source Software
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