Enable fast track scaling with Kubernetes

Digital channels not keeping up with demand? We can help right now!

Have an already containerised application? We’ll have it scaling dynamically in 48 hours.

Infrastructure / Technologies used: OnPrem, Cloud (AWS, Google, Azure) | Kubernetes (Native, OpenShift, Rancher) | Elastic | Jenkins | Git

Business problems faced by companies required to fast track customer solutions

The current COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed caught many businesses off-guard and quickly changed how customers started interacting with them. While many business can’t operate at all during this period, there are essential goods/services business that now receiving online demand that didn’t exist before the lockdown period, and the following problems start showing up:

  • Customers moving on online digital channels which are having problems scaling, causing poor customer experience

  • Ensuring that applications can handle the load of everyone accessing it via mobile or web

  • Ensuring applications are designed to handle cloud native scale

  • Provide business the relevant data for quick informed decisions.

  • Companies needing to move out of on-premise data centers to move the cloud and need assistance running applications in the cloud.

  • Companies wanting to run and operate applications in the cloud as well as on-premise (hybrid) using the same technology and practices

Modernising customer applications by enabling the building of cloud native applications. Building and managing an enterprise-grade kubernetes platform on premise or in the cloud to handle high load and enabling rapid scaling.

Here’s how we can help

Fast-track for customers needing to scale online digital channels with Kubernetes for essential goods and services. Priority around onboarding and contracting to ensure few delays. Here’s how we can help:

Benefits Overview

Fast-track openContainer allows businesses to focus on designing , building and running innovative and hyper-scalable microservices applications without being encumbered by the steep learning curves involved in operationalising and scaling Kubernetes (and all of the cloud-native tech that goes with it). We’re fast-tracking any projects for essential goods and services companies during this strange COVID-19 period so that your business can meet the demand placed on it by our new environment.

Kubernetes is a real buzz word at the moment, business is expecting IT to deploy these new platforms and manage them. The problem is that they are complicated, IT doesn’t have the right skills yet and they don’t have the time for the steep learning curve, especially now. We have been working on Containers and Kubernetes for many years, and during this time of Covid-19 we want to help IT deliver a platform for business to consume quickly and be managed by the best in the business.

  • Getting an enterprise-grade platform built and available to business quickly

  • Time to deliver to business in days

  • Free up engineers time who need to keep the lights on during this stressful time.

  • No steep learning curve for your team – all the skills you need are provided by us.

  • We provide dashboards and reports to show you how the platform is doing so have all the information at your fingertips.

TL/DR; In one line

We want to help your business scale and adapt to the new world we find ourselves in, and we’ve got the team and tools to get you off the ground very quickly.

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