openContainer is your foundation for open digital modernisation

openContainer is a fully managed, hybrid and multi-cloud enabled container platform based on Kubernetes, built and supported by LSD!

Technologies used: Kubernetes | OpenShift Community (OKD) | OpenShift Enterprise (Red Hat)

openContainer allows you to focus on designing, building and running awesome, innovative and hyper-scalable microservices applications without being encumbered by the steep learning curves involved in operationalising and scaling kubernetes (and all of the cool cloud-native tech that goes with it). openContainer includes a number of Unfair Advantages, such as:

If that is too much awesome for you, here is what it is, in one line:

TL/DR; In one line

openContainer is your foundation for open digital modernisation, based on Kubernetes, with a zero software cost option,
designed, built and maintained by the leading open source company that has a whole bunch of unfair advantages.


What you get

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