openData gives your datastores the power of open source and the cloud

The open source data solutions that power the internet, now powering your critical applications

Technologies used: EnterpriseDB | mySQL | MariaDB | Redis | Couchbase | MongoDB | Elastic | Prometheus

openData uses the power of open source and the cloud to make your data highly available, scalable and usable. Using a some of the best database, pipeline and cloud tools, we have managed to create an environment for your data to available to any component of your infrastructure. Here is why openData and LSD are the right choice for you:

If that is too much awesome for you, here is what it is, in one line:

TL/DR; In one line

openContainer is your foundation for open digital modernisation, based on Kubernetes, with a zero software cost option,
designed, built and maintained by the leading open source company that has a whole bunch of unfair advantages.


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